Friday, January 30, 2009

ganache and more!

im so glad that today is friday. here's a collage of photos to recap the past couple of days from the chateau de perdue. last night i decided to go out on a limb and try an asian dish. soft summer rolls with shrimp and vegetables and a sesame oil dressing! it was quite delish but the process of gathering all of the ingredients was nothing short of annoying. ellie krieger didn't give specifics...

anyway, tonight my cousin and her kiddies came over and we had a little bit of everything. tilapia filets with a lemon butter sauce. thin pasta with sun dried tomatoe pesto and broccoli. wheat pita with goat cheese, tomatoes, arugula and balsamic vinegar. yum. then to end the meal, double chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache! kpi and i made them last weekend and i can't wait to share them tomorrow at a family gathering! there are so gourmet :)


ethan and ella.

ella and scott.

"take a picture of me doing gynastics.."

rough housing!

soft asian summer rolls.

great start to a weekend.

ok kpi, now i have my own ganache to deal with. this is not good. i repeat, this is not good. 


millie said...

you look so cute in the apron!!

kathleen said...

okay dont panic...just do what i did. buy some croissants and spread the ganache inside of them. it solves the worlds problems...almost.