Wednesday, February 18, 2009

camping in style.

          our humble abode for the evening.

   restrictions: alcohol...oops.

our site!

      too many strawberries in my fridge at the moment.

we definitely camped like rockstars. coleman stove, one tent, awesome neighbors (not) and a lantern that lit our way through the forest and to the beach, we had a grand time! running through sand dunes, jumping in the ocean, coffee stop, watching the marathon, walking beach neighborhoods and eating some pizza. thanks insalacos for a memorable, fun and relaxing weekend. and thanks for letting us crash your valentine tent. it was fun to snuggle!


kathleen said...

i look like a boy. love.

millie said...

is this at hanna park?

skatieperdue said...

no you don't, i definitely resemble a male. maybe we both do...we were roughin it. i saw the nice rear end photo you snapped of me while i was unaware. classssy. yes emily, it's hanna park.