Tuesday, March 24, 2009

happy birthday d.a.d. and look at my new finds! ( i happened to have made them :) )

my cute parents

cake, oh my yum

i did make these, i'm no superstar at crafts but i was inspired one day by an etsy seller and decided to try making some myself! i enjoy making jewelry lately, especially earrings. joanne's sells vintagish buttons which i turn into earrings and it's an affordable way to create jewelry yourself! Use your creativity and make something fun :) 
I had the most delish wrap tonight. Publix sells "Flat Outs" (healthy wraps) and I buy the whole wheat and flax. I used one of those and filled it with chicken, pine nut hummus, sauteed veggies (broccoli, peppers, carrots, snow peas-thanks kathleen, and tomatoes) It was yum yum yum. Try it :) 
this weekend we are going to tallahassee, again! we shall stay with the insalaco's again. no protesting on where we sleep, kathleen. the air mattress it is. we are going to do a walk thru at broome street and make sure everything is in working condition. june is coming soon! 

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ashalston said...

im going to need some of those clips and headbands please. look at you, you little crafty wife. i want your wardrobe, sense of style, and creativity please. really though, i got nothin!