Thursday, March 5, 2009

markets and maggie...

this is maggie.

she's real cute.

what a stud.

farmers market.

it's true, maggie is her name and she is ours to keep forever. she's a golden retriever with a cute little personality! we love her and we're taking her to visit her future neighbors, the insalacos! 
scott and i went to the farmers market this weekend to browse the different vendors. we borrowed my parents scooters for the day and it was the perfect weather to do so. we cruised the beach and even grocery shopped! this weekend we are taking yet another support trip to Tallahassee. We'll of course be staying with the Insalacos and will be fed gourmet meals from chef kathleen (you know it's true). we'll house hunt and hopefully gain some new supporters! maggie will be joining us for the weekend too! 

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sarah said...

maggie is so cute! congrats! :) have a wonderful time in tally! i will be praying for you guys this weekend and for support. love and miss you!