Sunday, April 19, 2009

GREAT finds!!

first polaroid taken. im likin it.
polaroid camera for $1.06 at goodwill. i was excited! 

even greater find:
HOLGA! $2.00 at goodwill :) who would throw this beauty out??

we went on a walk in a neighborhood we'd love to live in one day and found some pretty things.

i am super excited about these cameras and the fact that both work! i am sad that soon i will have to depart from the greatest goodwill on earth but i will for sure go when we visit. we had a great (seemingly fast) weekend. tomorrow is already monday, holy cow. when did time start moving faster? i think it was when i turned 20. i wish you could see little mags napping next to me. curled in a comfy ball and probably dreaming about treats. she's cute. 

i hope that everyone has had a relaxing weekend and that this week brings you some joy. we have to pack a lot this week because we move out a week from tuesday. gross. i hate moving. 

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millie said...

ewww is scott naked? i think i see the falcon...