Wednesday, April 15, 2009

things i found this week that i love

creative. looove it.

makes me want a garden now.

i am thinking of a similiar color for the new we like?

or do we like this better? keep in mind i have two dressers to redo so we could use both!

love this comforter and going for this look in our new bedroom once we move.

want this!

made this last night for family. lethal.
all photos via designsponge
we are continuing to slowly pack up our life. seeing one room or one closet empty is liberating but sad at the same time. our first home. 

i painted my nails red and i think i like it!

goodwill has been disappointing me lately. not only do people that work there seem crabby, but there has been nothing of value (to me) there. it's probably God protecting my debit account. 

scott and i are possibly taking a mountain rendezvous trip to see AjEmily for memorial day weekend! i do hope it works out not only because i miss them, i love going to the mountains. there's truly nothing greater than crisp fresh air, tall peaks, and beautiful landscapes. 

we had a really nice easter. church was really great. reflecting on the resurrection of Christ is definitely something that my heart and mind needs more of, but P. Lee did a great job of describing the death and resurrection through the eyes of Peter. It opened my eyes to new thoughts, a new understanding of grace and a heart full of gratitude. God is so good to his children.

lost tonight. YES.

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