Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so i really do not like living without internet. i can't update on blogs, facebook or email :(
i'm learning to adjust but let me tell you it's not easy.

the family photoshoot on sunday went great! the natural light was definitely my friend. as i'm editing and looking at all the photos i found the ones i love the most are those where the sun is just beaming at just the right angles. natural light definitely makes a difference. i'll post some maybe this weekend.

scott and i had our one year anniversary yesterday. it's amazing to think that it has been a year since i walked down the aisle towards him. this year has been full of lots of laughter, fun and excitiment. a lot of change, growth and learning. i can't wait to see what the next year entails :)

i do love him.


Wilson Family said...

Katie, I love your blog! You are so cute... and so gorgeous! I love your style.

It sounds like you're really happy... Good luck with the move and everything else.

P.S. I'll be blog-stalking you now. ;)

skatieperdue said...

thanks angie!
yeah i love that blogging keeps you in touch with friends :) i love looking at your blog too!