Thursday, May 21, 2009

the sun is back!
 i am writing at my computer and i have to squint a little bit...that counts right? i have missed the sun, even though it brings all the humidity and heat. rain gets old quick unless you plan on staying indoors all day, then i welcome it. 

this weekend we are going to asheville, north carolina. ajemily and some others are going to be there as well and we are going to have a great time, i just know it. rafting is on the itinerary so how can it not be fun! 

in two weeks from saturday we'll be residents of tallahassee. craziness. how did time go by so quickly? our little house on broome street is awaiting our arrival and we couldn't be happier to unpack! im ready to have all of my clothes in my closet and not have to climb over boxes, bean bags,  a desk and a chair to get a shoe. living in this chaos adds about 15 minutes to your morning if you don't know where something is. better settle with what you know is out and easily accessible. 

ok anyway, ill post on our trip to NC next week with some polaroids and other photos. have a great memorial day weekend!

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