Tuesday, May 5, 2009

 weird day.

today is just one of those days. not bad but not necessarily good either. i feel really nostalgic. i find myself wanting to be and being doing other things. i feel at an in between place right now partly because i really am in that place. i know that God has Scott and I where he wants us. sometimes though, i want what i want. i want to have more energy. i feel so blah all the time. maybe i need a vitamin. i need God more. i  feel like i'm walking in circles sometimes. i want to be more creative. i want more money so i can be more creative. i want a baby, but then again i want time with Scott. see? im a mess. i feel so blessed to have all the things that i have and its silly to complain. i think im just tired. i get emotional when im really tired. 

this sunday i am doing a little photoshoot for a family. im pretty excited about this. its mainly for experience and practice but i hope and pray the little ones are in a good mood for me :)

sorry for the ranting, i just was thinking all of this and needed to get it out somehow. scott's at the gym otherwise i wouldn't have made all you 3 readers suffer. 
love love.

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sarah said...

i love you katie :) and i totally know how you feel, you're not alone. and you're right, God is in control and He does have you right where you are supposed to be. can't wait to see you soon!