Thursday, June 11, 2009

ahhh i'm back for good.

today we got internet! woohoo! not only did we get internet but we got cable with DVR! i don't even know what to think, really. not having had it for a year was fairly easy, but now that i have it, i'm quite pleased. 

this week has been eventful to say the least. we got up bright and early last saturday and started moving our belongings to tallahassee. we arrived at broome street mid day and moved everything out of the uhaul and into our home on broome street. 

our new home! magical huh?

we have almost everything put away! hooray! i will post some befores and afters tomorrow but as for today i am going to enjoy some food network. i'm glad to be back!


ashalston said...

pretty pretty! thats one of the cutest little front yards i've ever seen... with a white picket fence! cute. definitely post after pictures of the inside!

skatieperdue said...

i will. tomorrow. and thank you!

millie said...

how about...."life through the eyes of a canadian"