Thursday, June 25, 2009

i participated in a kickboxing class today...

oh boy was it tough.

kicking. push up after push up. running. punching. jumping. lunging...... OH the lunging. 

i really enjoyed it though. a friend invited me and it's a lot of fun even though i'm describing it as if it's torture. 

next week we are going to the mountains with my family. i'm excited about lounging by the pool hour after hour. i have three new books to read. 

i love summer reading. 


millie said...

i am reading:

The Cost of Discipleship by Friedrich Bonhoeffer (a difficult read, but very good)

The Associate - John Grisham's latest

Under the Banner of Heaven - polygamous mormon murder story by Jon Krakauer

skatieperdue said...

ooh i like Jon Krakauer, maybe I'll read that one. The first one sounds scary especially if you say it's difficult haha.