Saturday, June 13, 2009

long awaited before and afters (and some random purchases i'd like to introduce you to)

piano bench (fabric before this was not so cute)

red cabinet i got at a vintage furniture store, perfect huh?

i got this at an antique store. it was built in the 1800's. the ps3 and cable box really spruce it up i think.

since i don't have a good before of this i'll explain what it used to look like. the green you see used to be a dark silver metal color and the seat was a thin, hard black plastic sort of material. i took the foam from an old chair out and used a napkin from anthropologie to recover the seat. 

i bought this chair at goodwill for $5 and it had a plain seat cover so i stripped it and added this fabric. 

i got this window a few years ago and the glass had been broken. we nailed some particle board to it and spray painted it with chalkboard paint. now it's in our kitchen and we use it as menu board or anything else we feel like board. 

dining room buffet before. this baby took a lot of sanding and we did it all at 11pm!

buffet after! we painted it a creamy yellow and added some new hardware to it. now it's storing some valuables and i love it!

diningroom table before. kathleen is in process of staining it at this point. we forgot to get a real before. it was much worse than the raw wood you see here.

a little more stained. it's blurry because the horrid humidity fogged up my lense. 

dining room table after! isn't it amazing??

i feel like i have to tell the story of how i came to get this table so that you can fully appreciate it. Ed Malin, the owner of angies subs in jax had this table sitting outside his restaurant for 5 years. it was given to him by an older man who has passed away and he didn't have a place for it inside the restaurant. it was actually an old pool table and the top and ball baskets had been taken off to be used as a work table. i asked if i could buy it from him and he said "no way, i love that table." i proceeded to remind him that we don't leave things we love outside to be weathered by mother nature. he didn't care, he was sold on keeping it. meanwhile i keep looking at antique stores, craigslist, the paper, etc to find a table similar or with farmwoodish features. i couldn't find anything less than a couple thousand dollars. i really wanted Ed's table so I kept asking him when I would see him at angies. He kept telling me no. Untiiiiiil the the day before we left we were eating lunch and he shouts at me from the across the room and tells me i can have the table!! i was so excited! we brought it to tallahassee and began working on it immediately. it was really dirty and needed lots of work. it's condition before was quite interesting to say the least. someone spray painted a portrait of bob marley on it with the words "one love" written around the sketch. it had a big grease spot from where the old man had used it as a work table and had some other spray paint on it. so scott sanded all of that off until the bare wood came through which is what you see in the photo. we stained it twice and then sealed it with polyurethane.  it wasn't easy but i'm so glad we brought it and i absolutely love it. i knew i wanted different colored chairs to surround it and i found the perfect chairs. i still need one more chair so i'm on the hunt but for now it looks perfect! let me know what you think :)


Mary said...

I think you're going for "Angie's Chic" here. It looks Faabulous!

kathleen said...

the fabric is perfect! joann really produced! cannot wait to be back...what about "a canadian in tallahassee?" hahah

skatieperdue said...

joann did do good! i was surprised...
i'll think about that blog name...

Wilson Family said...

love love LOVE your new house! And i love your style. You are so TALENTED, Katie!

skatieperdue said...

thanks angie! :)

skatieperdue said...
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