Wednesday, August 5, 2009

.....sometimes i forget
how long scott and i have known each other.
not just dated, but became close friends.
in high school i was dating someone else and through a friend, met scott.
the three of us became really close and were called "the three musketeers" many times (original i know)
for three years we were basically inseparable.
we even traveled across the country together.
he became a confidant and someone i really grew to love as a friend.
then the idea of him being more than that came up and i pushed it away for the longest time.
how could i like someone who i considered like a brother to me?
but i did, and i didn't want to admit it and neither did he.
he pursued me nonetheless and asked me to be his girlfriend.
i said yes and the rest is history. three years of dating and one year of marriage and here we are.
i'm glad that night in the little italian restaurant he asked me to be his girlfriend.
i'm glad that the lord brought us together as friends and then to date and then to be one forever.
eight years and plenty more to come.
i love you babe.

gotta love those high school pictures that turn up out of nowhere.
good memories : )

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