Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the big pricey city!

this is where the pain began.
walking over the brooklyn bridge!
we had too much fun watching people as they were walking this thing.
(let's be honest, we had too much fun watching people the entire time we were there.)

most delicious cookie you'll ever eat. yum and thank you levain
bakery for adding to our caloric intake for the weekend.

spy in central park. shhh.
weird and awkward but its one of the few pictures of me ha.

lovely central park on a lovely day.

magnolia bakery, you produce delicious and scrumptious cupcakes.
new york, you produce grotesque and filthy mouthed homeless men with no respect
for themselves nor women. yuck.

i choose you to live in, thank you.

brooklyn heights, brooklyn heights, brooklyn heights.
(ashley, name that episode)

the city!


not dancin.

new york was a lot of fun.
it was exhausting, but fun.
we literally walked the entire city, or so it felt.
we navigated our way around, almost ended up in queens, but
we found our way home.
my feet and calves have never experienced such a burning sensation
as they did this weekend but it was worth it.
actually, not it wasn't.
if you ever visit, bring $200 to spend on cabs.
that's worth it.
i definitely got to experience the side of NY that i wanted to.
and kathleen was the perfect person to do it with.
oh, and go to doughnut plant.
best thing you'll ever put in your mouth.

....that's what she said. (too much?)


A "cheery" disposition said...

looks like you had fun. Cute pics and nothing is better then people watching. I could do it everything all day.

skatieperdue said...

that is the truth! i could do it all day too..

Wilson Family said...

Glad you had fun in NY... You got some really great pictures! And what a great time to go... The fall is always gorgeous.

Oh, and any quote from the office is never "too much"... :)