Monday, December 7, 2009

this is how i feel without a christmas tree in my house.
sadly, we will not be getting one.
we are only here for a couple weeks and didn't want to spend too much
money on one that we won't have much time to enjoy.
i am still in the christmas spirit though, don't worry.
Magic Christmas has been blaring in my car non stop since the day after thanksgiving
and i plan on keeping it that way until at least new year's.
anyone like delilah? i know she's kinda cheesy, but man
her voice can soothe me like nobody else.
listening to her reminds me of that scene in "sleepless in seattle" where meg ryan
first hears Tom Hank's story about the death of his wife.
the radio dj is so nosey and over emotional, and i just think "that's delilah" every time i see
that movie. i know many people find her annoying and just too much, which i can definitely agree on, but something about her....
maybe since i've been listening to her since i was 4?
i don't know, love live delilah!

1 comment:

Mary said...

You have a fake tree stored here at my house...I'm just sayin'.