Friday, December 18, 2009

our homemade christmas tree.

since we didn't buy a tree this year, we made one!
i'm loving it, a lot.

(sorry the pictures are so blurry)

ps. that is in fact barbie on top :)


Wilson Family said...

Okay, that is the most adorable Christmas tree EVER. You are so creative! I love it. You should have some sort of job doing this stuff... Like giving Martha Stewart new ideas or something.

ashalston said...

hahaha i love it!!! that is so dang cute kt! im lovin the barbie... however im not sure why you have a barbie...??

skatieperdue said...

oh i'll tell you. my mom used to collect the "holiday barbie" ornaments ( have about a billion of those) and one year they came out with the stocking holders so there ya go. She couldn't resist apparently.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ya know I think this is absolutely awesome!!