Thursday, January 28, 2010

ina and tomatoes, how bad could that be?

tonight i am making chicken stuffed with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes with a balsamic reduction. i am just using different elements of a couple recipes to see how it all tastes together. we shall see!

my sister got me this lovely cookbook for christmas. it sits on my coffee table most often and i just grab it up when i want to peruse some recipes for enjoyment. i must admit, we didn't use to love ina. in fact we made fun of her, a lot. mostly for her inappropriate advances towards her chicken loving husband, jeffrey and her cheesy comments like "how bad could that be?" but listen, she is good, really good. even though she demands much (like "good" chicken stock and "good" maple syrup- listen ina that's expensive) she does it because she knows food.
we are sorry for making fun of you ina. please invite us to the hamptons to eat at your house with you. and when you do, please greet us wearing that big blue shirt of yours, it's our favorite.
love, katie

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