Friday, January 22, 2010

sometimes i come to this blog and i have no idea what to write.
like today.
nothing extravagant is going on in our life.
it's 5:30 on friday evening, and the weather has been incredible today.
the sun is shining through our window and warming me through the cuddle blanket i'm under.
i just took my vitamins, that's exciting right?
actually, i sound like i'm 87.
i am watching, Friends and laughing. my favorite show of all time.
my parents wouldn't let me watch it when i was in middle school, so i would sneak it.
i always had the remote in my hand and i had an "allowed" channel ready to flash back to if my mom or dad walked in the room. when the show was over and i turned the tv off, i made sure the channel couldn't be traced. it was a lot of work.
my parents let me watch it in high school even though they thought it was dirty.

tonight we are eating "striped delight"
here are the ingredients, try not to drool as you read.
graham cracker crust which includes butter and sugar.
homemade whipped cream.
chocolate pudding.
homemade whipped cream, again.
dark chocolate shavings on top.

oh my yum.
i'll let you know how it tastes, but i'm sure you can guess.

i hope you all have a great weekend.


millie said...

I pulled the exact same trick with MTV. I'm still making up for my MTV deprivation with Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. I wonder if I actually like these shows, or if it's just making up for lost time?

sarah said...

you guys are so funny. i wasn't allowed to watch mtv or friends either.. my dad thought friends was an inappropriate show and referred to it as the "sex show". the funny thing is that when i watch friends now, he'll watch it and laugh with me haha

ashalston said...

um share the wealth. i need some of that striped delight. and ditto with the friends. my parents didnt let me watch it in the family room in high school b/c they didnt want to watch the filth. so i retreated to my bedroom and watched it. im married and still not allowed to watch it at my parents house. ....maybe it is a filthy show?!

skatieperdue said...

haha maybe it is, but i don't care. that's horrible to say.
that's what my parents called it too, sarah! now they watch it and laugh at me when i quote it!