Sunday, February 21, 2010

50 years.

this weekend we celebrated my mom's parents 50th wedding anniversary. my grandparents are still so in love after many, many obstacles they had to overcome. the first being that they were only 16 and 17 when they were married, and no one was really in favor of this, except for them :) When my great-grandmother found out they were planning on getting married, she called ahead to the justice of the peace and told them to refuse marrying them! my grandmother worked at simmons mattress company and my grandfather was a barber. shortly after they got married they became pregnant with my mom and had NO money. i think sometimes scott and i are poor, but they were definitely poor. for mom's first christmas they had $1.00 to spend on a gift for her so they bought her a teddy bear. their story is really incredible and very romantic. here are some pictures of the party!

here they are on a date.
aren't they cute?

My Dad and sister, Sarah.

they surprised everyone by having Papa's cousin renew their vows!

the kiss!

my parents :)

it was a fun night and definitely neat to see my grandparents celebrate their marriage!


Wilson Family said...

What a sweet story! I love the old picture of your grandparents... How cute are they?

Oh, and you and your sister look SO much alike! Holy cow. And you are so grogeous Katie. ...Jealous of your tan...

skatieperdue said...

they are cute! yes we've grown to look more alike over the years...
that tan is bronzer haha.