Sunday, February 28, 2010

cinnamon swirl bread and morning light.

i got the recipe from this blog and i had a lot of fun making it.
making bread is very therapeutic and it takes a lot of patience.
something i need to practice.
poor scott can attest to that.
the recipe makes two loaves so we shared with the insalacos!
it was great for toasted for breakfast.
you should definitely make it!

big bertha. i think it weighed a pound.

this afternoon i was doing laundry, walking back and forth down this hallway from our bedroom. cleaning our house and folding clothes. all the boring stuff, but i looked up at one point and noticed how pretty the light was coming in through this window and so i snapped a photo. our house gets great lighting during the day and in the early morning and i don't always stop and look, so today i did.

also, we are only two weeks away from the gate river run in jacksonville!
today we ran 7 miles so we are coming close to our goal.
but my body is hurting now. ugh. is there a way to prevent post run pain? help.


Wilson Family said...

What a gorgeous picture of your hallway... I LOVE moments like that when you suddenly look up and are in awe over how beautiful the light is.

And YUM... I'm going to have to try that cinnamon swirl bread. It looks delicious.

ashalston said...

post run pain? MOTRIN. PAIN during a RUN? Motrin. Pre pain pre run? MIDOL! Helps you to not get cramps. You'll pretty much be doped up. Oh and I NEED the bread!