Sunday, February 14, 2010

goodies for the room!

i added some new curtains to either side of the bed!
i feel like it adds a little bit of elegance to the room.
our room gets a lot of light at night due to a dumb but much appreciated street light,
so i asked scott to hang these so that it could be dark.

a new duvet! it's pretty gray and i love it!
i got it from marshalls and it included shams.

parisian prints!
i found these at a second hand store called goodfinds.
they had such great stuff and both of these together were less than $20.
i love finding original things that add personality to our room.

that's all!


ashalston said...

i love love love it. and you already know this because i was chatting with you while you posted. but still, i looked again and i just love it. i need to spruce up my room. you can help!

Wilson Family said...

Ohhh i love it! I really love your new duvet, especially with the orange pillow and curtains, and wall color. Very pretty! Nice find with the paintings too.

Teri Andrea said...

katie bo batie - i may need to go to marshalls after seeing this! :)