Tuesday, March 2, 2010


the title alone got your attention didn't it?
they say it's the greatest of the 5 senses that will bring things back to remembrance.
memories, if you will.
today i had one of those moments where i smelled something and it was as if i traveled back in time to my childhood friends house.
playing dress up on the floor of her bedroom.
the fake play perfume, that's what i smelled.
a chap stick that i got in my stocking for christmas smells so much like that spritzy perfume she had in her "dress up" trunk.
i miss being a kid so much sometimes.
i know that may sound weird. maybe it doesn't.
i loved my childhood. it was imaginative and fun.

in fourth grade, instead of playing on the playground with my friends i would sit on the concrete four square area and write my own nancy drew novels, where i was the main character, of course.
my friends and i would create these elaborate extremely well written (ha) playwrights
and off into never never land we would go.
i think i was truly convinced that one day i would solve a mystery, just like nancy drew.
i hope, if i have a daughter (god, please) she will want to read nancy drew and write her own stories.
maybe box car children too.
and the christy miller books i read as a teenager.

my parents called me the other day, together, on speakerphone(yep they do that)and started getting reminiscent on me. i'm not always a fan of these conversations because typically when i hang up i end up bawling on scott's shoulder because i feel like life is slipping through my fingers and there's nothing i can do about it.
he gently reminds me that this isn't our permanent home.
heaven is. there is no need to fear.
so dad says "before you know it, we'll be celebrating your 30th birthday."
umm, excuse me? can we not talk about my 30th birthday.
mom agreed.
i have 6 more years before that comes, i'd like to enjoy that time before you throw me under the bus, thanks.
but i will be 24 next month, and that seems old to me.
i was 8 just a few years ago, or at least that's how i feel.


kathleen said...

im pretty sure it just keeps going faster and faster...thats what scares me. you can always come over here and we can play hopscotch and write stories on our driveway haha.

skatieperdue said...

i agree...i think it only gets faster and faster too. i like the idea of writing stories on the driveway.

ashalston said...

dangit I wish we were friends in 4th grade writing stories together. I made music videos and played talk show host. yes, I was cool and you're jealous. childhood days were the best, no cares in the world... teen years were okay, except for the fact that most of the people in our HS wanted me DEAD. Especially our english class, they hated you too though. Awesome huh?

skatieperdue said...

i'd really REALLY like to see these music video. gosh, please!