Friday, July 23, 2010

so, so hot.

it's hotter than the center of hell here in tallahassee. by 9am you can expect temperatures to be in the high 90's with the humidity reaching 80-90%. this leaves residents like me quite miserable! it's impossible to be outside without a pool within 10 feet for more than half an hour unless you experience things starting to spin or you're plagued with heat exhaustion.
none the less our dog still has to get walked and we can't stay inside all day. so what do we do?

1. we are cooking recipes that don't require the stove or oven on, at least not for very long.
2. we go to the pool around the corner from our house and spend a couple hours relaxing and dipping in every 10 min.
3. we make fruit smoothies to keep us cool.
4. we go to movies on cheap days. last night we saw inception. it's a great movie, tons of thinking involved, lots of action and super fast. 2 1/2 hours felt like 1. i suggest you see it, it's definitely worth it!
5. reading in a coffee shop gets us out of the house but we still get to stay cool all the while continuing on our summer reading list! i've finished 4 books this summer...that's a record people.

scott suggested today that we play in the hose. not a bad idea...
so, these are just a few things we do during the summer to stay hydrated, cool and sane. what do you do?

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