Saturday, August 21, 2010

did you see the movie dan in real life? well i did, about 17 times and then i bought it and watched it another 26 times. i LOVE this movie. my most favorite thing about this movie is the family's house in Rhode Island.

well, a few months ago i decided to google the dan in real life house and do you know what? you can RENT it out! if i were rich enough to even imagine renting something for $6200 for a measly 7 days i would book this sucker!

it's so beautiful and it's tucked in the heart of coastal rhode island. if you haven't seen this movie, i suggest you go to your local blockbuster, netflix, red box, whatever and rent it.

you'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll cringe a little bit but you'll love love love it. plus, it has steve carrell and you just can't go wrong with anything he's in!

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ashalston said...

i would love to see this movie, except for the fact that steve carrell makes me want to pluck my eyes out. :). love you.