Friday, August 13, 2010

i just passed my 200th post! that's a blogging milestone right?

well, here's what i've been up to lately...

um, have you seen/done this workout before?
this is the hardest, most exhausting and non stop workout i've ever done.
i'd like to think i have a good bit of stamina, but then i did this video ending it curled up in a fetal position covered in more sweat than i feel comfortable describing, asking the good lord to take me right then and there.
some of the more "subtle" symptoms of this workout that i've experienced are
1. the shakes
2. chills
3. hurling over the side of our back deck (that was lady like)
4. that fetal position i described above
5. more hurling (yep)

most of these may be caused by doing this workout outside in the hellish temperatures on our deck, but it requires a lot of moving so the deck provides the most space. after a couple minutes you want to just die anyway so the heat is really the last thing on our minds.
it's a 60 day "program" and scott and i are on day 9 and already i feel like i can do more than i could the first couple times.
also, shawn t. rocks.

doesn't this review make you want to jump up and join Shawn T. for a good little pick me up workout?

just google a little video of it.


ashalston said...

never heard of this! awesome... it's going on my list of things to do when this baby gets the hell out of me. you know it's a good workout when you hurl. good job kt!

skatieperdue said...

yeah i wouldn't do it before or the baby may actually come out of you...its super intense!