Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving has passed again. I do love Thanksgiving, and love what the holiday means for us. Family, friends, food, and a time to relax are my favorite things about the day. Now, we are rushing into the season of Christmas, which I am also anticipating. First Christmas not waking up in the home I grew up in, with the family I've established so many traditions with, but making new ones with Scott! A sad time but an exciting time too! We put our Christmas tree up last night along with several other Christmas decorations, and I am very pleased with our tree. It's aligned with blue, gold, red and green, glitter, forest friends and our lovely tree skirt! I love this season. The weather, music, decor, and the spirit that resides amongst people is attractive and makes everything warm. 
I will post a picture of our tree as soon as I get them on the computer! Until next time, have a lovely evening. 

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