Wednesday, December 3, 2008

down to one eye.

today i lost my very last contact. for a contact wearer such as myself, this is a grievous thing.I will now have to wait for a new set of contacts to come in so
 that I can resume normal life. For now, I feel like a pirate. sometimes i get splitting headaches due to this as well, and i'm already tired of that.

scott and i are raising support right now to be missionaries w/ campus crusade and with that comes a lot of emotional ups and downs. sometimes i'm really excited to get on the phone and make calls because i'm expecting God to show up. other days, i dread it, absolutely do not want to pick up the phone. lack of faith? i don't know, but i do know that this process has allowed me to see God miraculously at work in our lives and in others lives as well. Answering our prayers so specifically, blessing us with meeting new people and allowing us to have more appointments than we thought possible. it's amazing really. God's been teaching me things lately, things i don't have down pat, but am anxious to figure out and work on. 

our home is decked out for christmas, hooray! a possible center piece would be to add some extra colorful ball ornaments to a larger cylindrical vase, it's very fun to tie in your tree to other parts of the house! 

last night scott and i had tacos, yum.

being in jacksonville has been great, but there are days when i really miss friends:

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