Thursday, December 4, 2008

my sheep pooped.

working in a preschool with two and three year olds gives me an opportunity to laugh, a lot. i love it. we have a christmas program coming up and one of the songs uses "sheep" in it and so we decorated some sheep to for the kids to use while they sing. well one child told me while using markers to color her sheep, "ms. katie, look! My sheep pooped!" Now, mind you, when a child says something it usually takes me three or four times, minimum, to actually hear them due to the constant chaos that is in the background. So once I realized what I heard I quickly turned to look at how this paper cut out sheep had "pooped" like she claimed it did. No, the sheep didn't poop, she got distracted and colored over the same spot for too long and poked a hole close to the sheeps rear end. i laughed. Morgan, another little girl in my class is very curious. She saw me grab gum out of my purse today and after I popped into my mouth she was quick on heels and followed me to the block area where I was helping another child. She comes pushing through and says "pwease, pwease, let me see dat." Her little hands come quickly through the air, and cup my chin as she is prying my mouth open to see the sweet mint that i was trying to enjoy. kids get away with such inappropriate things! 

                             scott trying to figure out how to put together our tree


                                      seperating those branches.....

the computer won't allow me to post anymore pictures at the moment, so for now, goodbye.

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The Family said...

Oh I am sure this must be my Morgan that was prying your mouth opened as she is a gum junky. Worst part it was not me that started her on the gum and yes kids get away with the most inappropriate things! Somedays I wish I was in a cave.