Wednesday, January 21, 2009

love love.

lost is back and probably better than ever. jack, kate, sawyer, the whole gang. today is the day and my heart is happy. 

i haven't really updated lately because i got frustrated that my pictures wouldn't load and even though i got a few to load, it took way more time than i think is necessary. i labored through it though and i thought i'd do a little christmas update since i basically boycotted the whole month of december.

         our dining room decor.

      colorful garland.

   first christmas tree!

    Scott and I on Christmas day!

new years was the grandest of grand. we were in hotlanta and partyin it up. ball dropped and the kiss came and went and we celebrated with friends. now we are back home, living life, loving eachother, others and waiting anxiously. :)

i wish i had something more interesting to write, but my life is rather mundane. im ok with that, one day it'll be more lively i'm sure. until then, ill keep writing about the norm.



kathleen said...

not mundane, it is lovely! and a little tip, you can make your pictorals bigger by jst clicking medium or large when you upload them. you can do whatever you like...yeah.

sarah said...

what are you anxiously waiting for??

millie said...

two comments:

1. i think you posting pictures that you already put on facebook is cheating.

2. is what you are anxiously awaiting the same thing that i am anxiously awaiting? which is becoming an honorary aunt to your firstborn? and second and third?

skatieperdue said...

anxiously waiting for our for sure placement with Crusade, and maybe one day i'll give you a baby to be an honorary aunt to, emily. :)