Friday, January 23, 2009

one day, maybe?

so kpi and i daydream about our ideal kitchens/homes quite a bit. it's fun to imagine colors and characteristics that you could maybe one day design your kitchen to look like. kpi really loves stainless steel, which is lovely. we both agree open shelving is amazing along with color on the walls and painted shelving/cabinetry. i found some photos that resemble some of the things that we'd choose to be in the dream kitchen. scroll down and drool with us.

 butcher block countertops; colorful walls, amazing stove and oven, pots and pans..helloo! painted drawers and open shelving. this kitchen is pretty great, admit it.

i chose this because of the lovely island with the cookbooks. i imagine there are some french cookbooks to choose from. also the lovely natural light that is beaming through the large windows. much about this kitchen is to be admired, truly.

i love the dark wood counters in this one and 
the natural lighting as well.

maybe one day we will create this awesome kitchens. maybe :)


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kathleen said...

there is a puddle below my chin. lets renovate!