Sunday, April 5, 2009

finding is fun

scott and i are starting to pack up our first home. it's bittersweet. we talked today about how fast this year has gone by. life is so fast. its a blink, really. 
i want to learn to truly value family, memories and moments. to take time to remember things and tell stories. 

today we picked up a new find. a shabby dresser that is just the perfect candidate for a paint job and some new hardware. i will post before and after photos of each new dresser we have. im excited to spruce them up! 

i go back to work tomorrow. back to routine, schedule and planning. lame lame lame. 

buuuut, we just booked tickets to fly to san fransisco this summer to stay with friends before we go to Colorado for staff conference!! 
so i shouldn't complain.
happy monday.

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