Saturday, April 4, 2009

birthdays are oh so fun!

me and my new mac getting well acquainted with eachother

the family

scott and i built a fort in our living room and here we are enjoying it together! i felt like a little kid again but it was fun. im glad im married to someone who likes to be a kid sometimes :)

here's part of our fort

i really had a great birthday. scott's mom took me out for a yummy breakfast. my mom took me shopping and i got two cute dresses from anthro. i got a new mac and then scott took me out on a date to dinner and a movie. it was all pretty spectacular. im a lucky girl :)

today scott and i bought a dresser from goodwill. it's somewhat retro but in great condition and we are planning on sanding it down, painting it and putting some new hardware on it. we plan on using it as a buffet in our soon-to-be dining room in our new house. we need something in that room besides our dining room table and that will be perfect. i'll do before and after pictures sometime soon! 

enjoy your weekend. 

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