Thursday, April 2, 2009

i turn 23 tomorrow? 

"tomorrow i will be something i've never been before and today i'm something i'll never be again." every year on my birthday my papa calls me and begins our conversation with this memorable yet confusing line. he is a wise man my papa. 
i think i am definitely at a place in my life where i am nostalgic about my past. i've been remembering elementary school, teachers, family trips, birthdays, ups and downs and relationships that have impacted me. sometimes without even realizing it tears are welling up in my eyes and i am in a trance. i have been immensely blessed. i have literally nothing to complain about. that is pretty incredible. i'm grateful for what God provided for me and what my parents worked so hard to invest in me and keep innocent. so tomorrow, when i turn 23 i will continue to reminiscence and know it's ok to be emotional over these things. i am lucky, grateful and know that these things i've experienced are what has shaped me and what i will bring into my children's lives and my marriage. 


millie said...

i am reminiscing (that is a really hard word to spell) of our many good times. happy birthday eve, katie!

skatieperdue said...

thanks thanks!!!
and yes it is a hard word to spell..lots of "i's"

ashalston said...

kt... Happy happy birthday! i will be calling you later and i sure hope you answer, but won't hold it against you if you don't. you are a busy girl, i understand. i hope you have a fantastic birthday and thoroughly enjoy your angie's sub and ice tea, which i am almost positive you will be getting. i love you and think about you tons! i have one word to give you a good chuckle... ottoman.