Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my 3/4 c is missing?? 

oh how i love these delicious satisfying muffins!! i already devoured one and scott stole half of it while it was on its way to my mouth. needless to say, scott is in time out.

i decided today that i would use my kitchen aid. it is a wonderful invention that i love. it folds ingredients so smoothly and quickly and leaves me time to put away ingredients. one bowl to clean is the best part of it all though.

strawberries remind me that summer is on its way. publix is putting them on sale for 3/$5. that's a deal people. go buy them!

i cut up these bad boys today and the cantaloupe is quickly disappearing. yum yum yum.

we had a great weekend at the insalacos. they welcomed us and our crazy maggie. (she's so much better at home kathleen, i swear.) thankfully kathleen and jeff are so laid back because i felt like we should have found a cardboard box and set up house cause they surely didn't want us there anymore. but kathleen kept affirming that all was well. thank goodness :) we love going to tally and it just makes us want to be there permanently even more! 

tonight we tried a dish from bobby flay...i know i know. i don't like him but his chicken recipe sounded pretty delish. it wasn't really that great though. sort of plain. we ate it though and had asparagus and green beans with some baby red potatoes. 

im still goodwill hunting! i went yesterday but found nothing. i did see several women who looked as though shopping at goodwill was their job. they all had their "stations" and waited on the people to bring out the bins of new items so they could be the first to grab what they liked. interesting....

off to rest. have a lovely thursday.

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