Sunday, August 23, 2009

ahh sundays, i do love them.
i woke up early and did my gym routine before church, and i was thankful i bit the bullet and did it cause otherwise it wouldn't have happened, lets be honest.
i did the 12th day of the jillian michaels workout book and it was pretty tough. i ran a mile afterwards which was good...burned roughly 500 calories or so.

before i worked out i ate a piece of ww toast with natural pb and half a banana. drank a glass of water as well.

i came home and had 1/2 c of greek chobani greek yogurt and topped it with a raspberry sauce that was made with frozen berries, some water and a little sugar. (boil it until you have the right consistency you like! super easy and so yum)

for lunch i had a boars head chicken sandwich on ww bread with hummus and spicy mustard.

my camera battery died so the other things i took pictures of won't be on here but i had leftover chicken breast for lunch as well.
an apple for a snack and some all natural pop's chips.

plus my friend kathleen made us a delish dinner including garlic salmon, mashed sweet potatoes and grilled cauliflower.

i also drank about 60 oz of water today too, resulting in many trips to the bathroom.

i should've had more of a snack but i didn't pack one because i didn't think we'd be out all day, but i would normally have had more to eat than i did.

i hope you all enjoyed your sunday. today i think we even had a hint of fall in the air. it was cooler outside with slightly less humidity and that makes for a great day!


ashalston said...

okay i have a jillian michaels workout DVD... the no more trouble zones, i honestly could not walk right for a WEEK. My butt and legs hurt so bad. Good job. You'll have to tell me about her workout book. Funny because almost every morning I eat wwtoast w/ peanut butter and banana. 20 hours away and we still think alike :)

Katy Hill said...

eatliverun has been a huge inspiration. I recommend the MorningStar farms spicy black bean burgers..SO GOOD! I am going to be bringing these to lunch at internship. :) I'm also working towards running a 5k in a little over a month! AH! :)

skatieperdue said...

the book is good ash! i like it a lot and i have her dvd too (30 day shred i believe) both are tough! its nice cause its almost like having a personal trainer at the gym but you look kinda silly walking around with a book haha. oh well.
katy i eat those burgers like every other day haha. publix had them bogo the other day and i stocked up on those and the tomato basil ones, yum!
good job on the 5k training, i read your blog :)