Saturday, August 22, 2009

so some friends of mine and i have decided its time...
time to shed some more lb's.
the two of them are in a wedding in october and i want to lose mmm 10-15 lbs.
between being really conscience of what i eat and adding to what i do at the gym i am hoping to achieve this goal. i have lost quite a bit since this time last year actually, but haven't seen much change since spring.
i want to live healthy, eat the things i know my body wants and stay active and enjoy it all and i am doing this now at about 95% but i need to kick it up a notch ;)
i'm going to attempt to use this for a little while as an accountability tool, plus keep documenting life as i go, but journaling what you eat has always been helpful to me!
i'll try not to overwhelm the blog with food :)

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