Monday, August 24, 2009

the rest of the day was quite successful minus the publix irresistible chocolate chip cookies that were offered to me. uggggh. can't say no, just can't.
anyway, i'm movin just hate to, no since in beating yourself dead over it.

after lunch i was still hungry but i waited to eat a snack for a while, and ate a banana with a little pb on it, my leftover yogurt and a few whole grain crackers and hummus. a third meal if you will. being in the sun all day made me hungry people, don't judge.

anyway, tomorrow begins kickboxing! also no more cookies.

if you have any yummy healthy on the go snacks, please share!

some of my favorites include:
dried fruits
whole grain crackers
big fuji apples
sliced meats
clif bars
protein shake
sunflower seeds
any fruit pretty much

anyone ever feel like once you give into a sweet you've failed? how do we resist feeling that way so that we don't get back into a slump? it's easy to do right?


millie said...

aj's advice: just take steroids.

my snacks: delicious, juicy peaches.

also, you should enjoy a good publix chocolate chip cookie every now and then. nothing wrong with that!

skatieperdue said...

i do enjoy a good juicy peach...yum yum. i will not take steroids.