Tuesday, August 25, 2009

today was a great day! first cru meeting of the semester. 294 people counted at the meeting!
it was so fun meeting all the new students and sort of reliving my experience as a student at the same time. kinda nostalgic. anyway, today was a better food day. no cookies ha.

i had 2 eggs and egg whites for breakfast. i also ate a bowl of kashi go lean cereal with non fat milk.

scott and i split a banana for a snack while we were on campus and i also ate a couple ounces of slices chicken meat and some almonds.

for lunch i had a morning star tomato and basil veggie burger. oh so yum. with some crackers and cheese.

i had some red snapper for dinner that i seasoned with olive oil, salt n pepper, rosemary and oregano. it was so good! i had sauteed veggies and brown rice too!

before dinner i had a big ole fuji apple and every bite was so dang good.

i drank a ton of water today which is why i feel like i could float away at the point.
tonight was also the start of kickboxing and it was SO fun but so hard too. I burned roughly 700/cal in one hour. that's a lot people. A LOT. that's why i love it. a great workout in only one hour for less than $2.

tomorrow we have an early start. hope everyone's week is going well!

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