Friday, August 28, 2009

100 posts!!
haha, silly..

first week of ministry has been nothing less than exhausting. good, but exhausting. we've been on and off campus quite a bit, in meetings, hanging out with students.
the life.
i'm starting to get adjusted to what life on staff is going to look like for us. it's definitely going to be filled with ups and downs, but i'm thankful that i get to do this job and see God change lives.
he's big and our plans are so small. he can do so much at FSU and its a matter of me stepping aside and ridding myself of the pride, the need for approval or the need to be praised and channel all that into giving God the complete glory that he deserves.
i'm so grateful that he is the one that is in control and not me. i'd fail miserably if that were the case.

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Ms. Mary said...

God uses those who are willing to listen to Him. He is GREAT & proving it thru your CC ministry. Blessings to you!