Thursday, September 3, 2009

fall... maybe?

today the air was cool. it was breezy and crisp. could fall be traveling this way? i hope so!
to commemorate this weather i drank a tall pumpkin spice latte. it was delicious!
then it made my stomach hurt but i'm not going to hold that against fall.
then i bought some new scent plug ins from bath and body. one that is pumpkin patch and one that is leaves. sounds strange but both have a hint of cinnamon in them which really reminds of fall. my house is slowly but surely changing seasons.
how can you not enjoy the season? the weather is perfect, i have more energy and the baked goods are mostly pumpkin based.
the colors are warm and inviting and everyone brings out their pretty door wreaths and scarecrows for thanksgiving.
ahh, fall you are great.
anyway, i can only hope this weather sticks around because i am really enjoying it.

what do you love most about fall?


millie said...

i too love the pumpkin spice latte, but it's definitely a toss up as to whether it's worth the awkward stares from the receptionist as she watches you head for the bathroom for the sixth time in two hours...

Wilson Family said...

i LOVE the fall! Everything about it. I think I'll bring out my pumpkin candle tomorrow and bake. :) Thanks for the inspiration! You are too cute.

ashalston said...

um yes fall is great and dandy but how about an update. im dyin' here. i don't do a whole lot so i have to live vicariously through YOU. but really i do love the fall and the leaves and the pumpkin anything! LOVE YOU!