Tuesday, October 20, 2009


we went to the local pumpkin patch with the insalaco's yesterday and it was so much fun.
the weather was perfect and we finished off the evening with butternut squash soup and hot
chocolate by the fire. yum!

gap casting call contest winner? i think so.

jackson loved all the little ones.

he loved riding in the wagon!

little j needed some shades.

such a ham.

scott picked his pumpkin. he's a picky pumpkin picker, i had no idea.

my pumpkin!
we got a little one for maggie too, ha we're crazy.

i love fall. the season brings me to life.
the cool weather, the colors and the time spent with friends
and family are so fun.
bring on the holidays!


kathleen said...

well is thats not the cutest cute in the world i dont know who is...but maybe im a little biased.

Wilson Family said...

You took some great pictures! Pumpkin patches are so fun... and you're right, the fall is amazing. Glad you guys found your perfect pumpkins!