Monday, October 26, 2009

to all of you three readers:
i apologize that life can be so boring. i really have nothing exciting to say or document.
my weekend was nice though, i must say. minus the fact that scott was gone for a night. (he went to be manly and camp with other manly men)
I decided I do not enjoy sleeping alone. How was I ok with this for so long previous to my matrimony to this man? I'm not sure...
i've been sick with the flu maybe? a bad cold? i didn't go to the doctor so I have no idea, but I do know it was rough for a few days and I am glad that I am recovering.
I got to run my errands this weekend, catch up on some food network and luckily I caught all the sweet treat halloween episodes. how bad could that be? oh, ina...
the next month or so is going to be quite busy.
scott and i are going to be out of town a few weekends, including the week of thanksgiving.
this weekend is exciting too. jackson's 2nd birthday party occurs friday night and it's a costume party! do I know what I'm going to be? I sure don't and I never do until the day of or night before. silly me.
also, i'm throwing kathleen a baby shower at my house on sunday. it should be fun and special since her family and high school/out of town friends can come.
so many fun things coming up. christmas will be here before i know it. then 2010. uggg can I be 7 again and just enjoy elementary school holiday parties?
i miss that time in my life. the themed parties and really have nothing else to do but play.
i'm going to make it a point to help my future children really savor their childhood. i did, and my parents played a part in that. they would always tell me to slow down and never wish time away. good advice mom and dad.
hopefully this was bearable to read. i need to be better about taking photos so that there is at least something to look at other than my words.
kids make blogs better, its true!


Wilson Family said...

Glad you're feeling a little better. I totally agree with you about time rushing by... Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?? And 2010? I can't say that I wish to be in elementary school again (or anywhere near it), but I sure wish it would slow down now before my daughter is in elementary school. Crazy!

Anyway, I always enjoy your posts, pictures or not!

sarah said...

i love your posts too katie :)

see you in a couple of days!

ashalston said...

I read your posts! I just suck at commenting :). You should have a kid to spice up your blog a bit! No? Okay. Have a fun and hectic upcoming month!

skatieperdue said...

haha ashley...
scott says nope.