Monday, November 2, 2009

show me your crazy face!

i spent halloween trick or treating with this little guy.
aren't i lucky?
he had trick or treating down pat by the time he reached the 3rd house.
halloween was lots of fun, we spent it with tons of friends and the weather
turned out to be just perfect.
a practically cloud covered full moon, and a slight breeze made for an eery night.
this weekend was so lovely. we got to spend time with friends who came in town.
attend a fun little toddler birthday party.
trick or treated in the most awesome decorated neighborhood i've ever seen.
is anyone else baffled by the fact that november is here already?
goodness, i feel like this year has flown by.
i do love november though!
how was everyone else's halloween weekend?

1 comment:

kathleen said...

haha he does love the photobooth! scott just needs throw in the towel and give you your own kid bc it looks like your stealing mine! haha