Tuesday, November 3, 2009

running on thanksgiving?

so, for years my cousin Tamara has been running a half marathon every Thanksgiving morning.
this year she has asked me to do it with her.
i really want to do it because i've never done anything longer than the river run, which is 9.3 miles. i can do 3ish more miles right? anyway, i got some new running shoes and i ran a couple miles yesterday. it felt so good to work out after being sick for so long. anyway, i think i am going to do the half marathon and i'm pretty excited to do it! hopefully i don't die.


ashalston said...

do it! if i were there i would do it with you. it's awesome.. hard but well worth it. you will love it! you can do it KATIE!!!

skatieperdue said...

i wish you could do it with me! thanks for the encouragement :)

Mary said...

we'll come to cheer you on! I'll drag the entire Perdue clan out there! ha-ha!