Monday, November 9, 2009

this is audrey assad.
the first time i heard her voice was at christmas conference in atlanta three years ago.
during a sweet time of worship with her is where i felt the lord whisper to me that my life was not my own, but his. that he bought me with a price. it was during that time of worship that i felt him clearly calling me to give away my life as a missionary with Campus Crusade.
audrey has a gift unlike anyone i have ever met. within listening to one sentence of her songs, she can bring you into the throne room of Jesus. her humble presence and honesty is a rarity among worship leaders today. in two weeks she is leading worship at our staff conference in alabama. you can only imagine how thankful i am. please visit her website and listen to her songs. she is recording a new album right now, and she has a song on Chris Tomlin's new Christmas album. i know her personally, and she is incredible.

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sarah said...

katie! thank you for reminding me of audrey assad :) her song known is amazing. what an encouragement, thank you :)
i'm glad that you had a great weekend and are enjoying the fall weather! it was great seeing you a couple of weekends ago
love you,