Monday, November 9, 2009

this weekend was so much fun, but so so busy.
why do weekends only consist of saturdays and sundays?
i vote we try to change this so that friday everyone has off as well!
wouldn't that be nice? not gonna happen...
i really miss jacksonville but i am definitely glad to be at home.
i always miss sleeping in my bed ( i have a weird obsession with my bed.)
we drove up into our driveway this afternoon and i noticed that our front yard is much more covered in leaves than it was before we left on friday. it made me very happy to see.
i know we don't officially see the seasons change in florida but i feel like tallahassee definitely gives us a glimpse of what everyone else gets to experience.
right now i am making sweet potato casserole for the international dinner we are having on campus. it smells so yummy baking in my oven and makes me anticipate thanksgiving dinner even more!

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