Thursday, December 10, 2009

we watched a little christmas diddy from this guy (remains questionable) last night on the jay leno show.
barry manilow has changed quite a bit over the last few years wouldn't you say?
a few times during his performance we thought he was going to break a hip, or his arm was going to go flying as he gently waved it in sync with the tune.
jay looked like he was regretting having him perform on his precious late night act.
i think he looks like a character from the newer "the grinch stole christmas"
cindy loo hoo's dad maybe?
i think he needs to retire his act. now.

on a cheerier note, i got 4 shirts at old navy today for $20.
i proudly sported 2 of the 4 tonight and was quite pleased with my purchase.
i think i will only continue to be pleased as i wear the other things i bought.

how's everyone's christmas shopping going? i bought scott something at j.crew but he picked it out.
clearly we are into secrets.
not so much.
i'd rather get him something he wants right?

how about Phyllis as santa claus tonight on The Office.
Hi-freakin-larious. love that show.
if you don't watch it, you should.
if you missed it, which you should have a darn good excuse for doing so, and have it dvr'd, then watch it immediately.

what is on your christmas list?

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Wilson Family said...

Okay, I saw that performance on Jay Leno. Yikes. Just... yikes.

Anyway, glad your Christmas shopping is going well. I want to see your $5 shirts!