Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i'll take a haven in paris, thank you.

have you ever visited this site?

haven in paris.

oh if only we could run away to paris and live in one of these luxury apartments for a few weeks.

it would only cost us everything we have ever made in our entire lives, plus some.

oh well, until we make millions of dollars we'll just enjoy our little place. one can dream.

tonight we watched the infamous classic, charlie brown christmas. i think i have watched it every year since i was little, but this time i noticed so many new things. how bratty is lucy? i would've punched her if i were charlie or lynus or schroeder. poor guys.

i finally finished christmas shopping for scott.
we had a budget for a each other, so it was challenging to fit everything inside that number.
everything is so dang expensive these days.
i think we are going to do our christmas early. we want to be in our house and continue traditions we've started. it'll be weird to exchange gifts so early, but i know i'll enjoy being in our home.
for the rest of december we will be in jacksonville to spend christmas with our families.
i'm going to now watch another holiday classic, home alone :)

ps. (i couldn't find the $5 dollar shirts on the old navy website, angie! i'll keep looking)

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