Monday, January 25, 2010


when i find something to eat that i enjoy, i tend to stick to it.
for the last few days i've been eating brussel sprouts for lunch and dinner.
i roast them and i steam them, both ways i enjoy.
the apple and cheese is my mid morning snack. between breakfast and lunch i can get really hungry and this ties me over. plus its super tasty.
one bite of apple and one bite of cheese.
do you like brussel sprouts?


Wilson Family said...

Sometimes I want to cry when I read about the weather you are having in FL...

Anyway, beautiful pictures... You make brussel sprouts look good.

Oh, and I'm interested to try the healthiest cookie in America.

skatieperdue said...

aw yes, i assume chicago is not experiencing anything near the 70's. i know you love your hot weather!
try to the cookies and tell me what you think. you can just google "healthiest cookie in america" and it should come up first or second.

kathleen said...

umm you know i love me some brussel sprouts. yum.