Friday, February 26, 2010

this picture seems to describe a trend of emotions and beliefs of students at FSU that i've been talking to lately. this month we deemed february "february focus" and focused on evangelism on campus. not the in your face believe it or go to hell kind of evangelism, but the tell me your opinion i'm listening and i care kind of evangelism. the jesus kind, i think. he did it gently and not so gently at times, but he is gentle. i've had at least thirty to forty spiritually focused conversations this month with people i didn't know and i learned several things. i've shared my faith before, many times, overseas and here. i believe what i am saying with every fiber of my being, it sustains me and it is full of grace, so why don't i share it more often and without fear or "obligation?" well, honestly, sometimes i don't care about others. i have my schedule, my agenda and my time. i don't want to always include others in all of that. i want to keep to myself and get my things done. but i am learning that God loves and is pursuing all people and he is always, always working ahead of me. and more importantly, he doesn't need me.
i talked to a girl named blake, she had a very scientific view of God and creation but she was searching. she even told me that. she wanted to know truth.
she asked me about the bomb dig of all questions, can you guess?
what do i think about homosexuality?
another girl asked me...
you think jesus is the only way?
i do, and i pray i never say otherwise.
what about the people who never hear, or the innocent in africa?
all great questions.
some i know how to answer, some i don't.
but in the midst of it i am praying like a crazy person.
do you know how many false truths are being spoken all over campus, let alone the world?
it can be overwhelming and sometimes i am really scared when i approach people because what if i don't know the answer to their questions?
i am so, so very thankful that he is bigger than my lack of knowledge or fear.
whether he decides to use me or not, he is relentless when it comes to knowing his children.
it's about jesus, his sacrifice on the cross for mine and your sin.
a personal relationship with him where he grows you and you grow towards him.
it's admitting you're sinful and without him you have no hope.
his grace is sufficient for you.
sin doesn't go away, but neither does his forgiveness.
hard things will come, but joy comes in the morning.
it's a lifetime of growth and turning from sin and becoming more like him.
this is what i get to share when i approach people on campus.
awkard? sure sometimes. worth it though. always.
i pray that everything else that isn't this, is forgotten and wiped away.